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7 Ways To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger


Do you feel your rooms are space challenged? Pick the timeless whites to make your room wider and brighter.

The versatility of white in terms of shades and textures can make any space look bigger. All white walls can also make interesting and striking interiors. White adds depth and gives an airy feel to the room. Ceilings painted in white feel high with more dimension and doesn’t feel like the room is closing in on you.


Mirror mirror on the wall creates an illusion for us all

You can express your creativity with decorative or embellished mirrors in a room which are powerful interior accents. Mirrors reflect hues and can create an illusion of a larger space and enhanced ceilings.  Also, as mirrors have reflective properties which can be an additional source of light which adds to the bright and sparkling effect.


Art for your walls

‌A framed art pleasing to the eye can maximise the space of a room. The illusion of a larger room can be created with an interesting pop of colour on the wall. Multiple photographs of various sizes can also be hanged keeping in mind the visual balance.


Declutter and downsize to create space

Minimise clutter and arrange things in order if you want your small space to look large. Furniture arrangement also makes rooms look big and airy.  Organised storage also helps in maximising the space in rooms and giving it a spacious look.


Open style, leggy furniture

‌If you have limited space in your rooms, you can use leggy, open furniture. The visual space that the leggy look takes up is much lesser as light can easily pass through making the rooms look airy and open.


Hang them high

‌You can add depth and dimension to a small room by not using curtains. This also ensures you get ample natural light from outside with a view that can be appealing to the eye. Curtain rods that are fixed higher that the windows can create a high ceiling look. By lifting the rod, you will have to lift your eyes to get a perfect view of the curtains, thereby making your ceilings look higher and your space bigger.


Draw the eye upwards with vertical stripes

‌Vertical wallpapers like stripes, elongated mirrors, wall panels and wall art in a room can make your walls look longer and can eventually add more depth into your space. Floor to ceiling textural walls can also give you the illusion of a large space.

December 11, 2017 by Thachcher


6 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Interior Ideas


Revamp your bed headboards to an arty deco style.

Upholstered wooden headboards with modern cut out motifs or carved headboards in a variety of shapes and colours can be an incredible focus piece in your bedroom. While padded headboards with a tufted buttoned look brings in a cozy elegance, the delicately designed wooden textured finish blends elements of luxury and style. You can shop the look and transform your bed into a beautiful piece of furniture which reflects your personality and style.


Add splashes of patterned designs around your bed to get the feel of spring.

Floral patterned wallpapers can be an eye catchy element in your bedroom. Soft and delicate florals in red, pink and peach can transform bare walls into a modern floral styled wall design. When paired up with floral drapes and bedspreads, you can change the ambience of the bedroom to a refreshing fantasy garden. Truly, bright-hued floral walls can throw in a glam effect.


Dress your walls with display board trends.

You can pick your favourite fabric to design a jewellery display board that can be hung in your bedroom space. Whether you place it close to a dresser or choose a cozy corner to display your ornaments, a jewellery board is a unique way to style up your room and bring in an artsy feel. It is both easy to create and an inexpensive wall decor. You can use glitzy hooks to hang your bracelets and neck pieces on patterned wallpaper and add a zing to your bedroom


Find your storage solution with designer peg rails.

A peg rail serves as a versatile organising tool to hang your utilities as well as contributes to the aesthetics of your space. You can display your favourite pieces of decor on a peg rail that can be fixed on the wall behind the bed at eye level height. You can hang mirrors, chalkboards, photos, laundry bags, towels and the like. You can customise your pegboards and hang potted plants too for a green look.


Create your own style with a pop of colour and glam up your space.

You can use beautifully designed gift wrapping papers and transform it into an elegant wall art or picture frame. Floral or holiday gift wraps can be elegant art pieces for a bedroom. These budget-friendly accents are great DIY projects that can spruce up your space. So if you chance upon striking gift wrappings, make sure you collect it for a stunning piece of wall art.


Decorate like never before.

Artistic vinyl decals in the form of word art can be used to brighten up the walls. You can even hand paint or use magnetic letters to form your very own creative word art.  For a subtle style statement, consider paintings with wordings on it. You can get creative with your kind of word art that reflects word power, such as, an embroidered look with wordings on it. Over the bed, humorous quotes or poems can truly be inspiring and welcoming.

December 5, 2017 by Thachcher




Take a look at our interiors for a special project in an Apartment in Chennai, where the clients had a specific plan in mind and Thachcher conceived and executed the designs.


Fun ways to save space

Our trendy bunk bed collection boasts of superior craftsmanship, innovative designs and optimal storage options. Transform your space in exciting tones with a punch of character. Bright wall art and imaginative artwork can be ways to create a look that children will certainly love. You dream it, we design it.


Kids room – Share, play, imagine, laugh —- Playtime is fun time


Feature wall – For a beautiful textured look

A feature wall in a kid’s bedroom is usually the highlight. Wallpaper patterns and inspiring schemes with a modern twist can breathe life into an otherwise dull room.  We are designing new and interesting finds to make your kids room an incredible space.  Thematic décor such as animated characters, Disney, jungle and fairy tale themes are a few favourites from the world of tiny tots. Imagination and creativity paired with ergonomics make it a perfect space for fun times.


Colour schemes and fun themes

Shades of blue and green, yellow and greys, orange and black as well as pink and purples compliment a kid’s room. Ecofriendly, bright rooms which are safe hang outs for kids is the look of the year. Choose a Kids world theme for their room that goes with their personality .


Storage struggles sorted

Bunkbeds with built in storage in the form of shelves and cupboards come in a variety of styles. A study unit can be an additional feature to the bed. Metal framed and wooden bunkbeds are the most commonly used in kids rooms. Talk about the material used and the colours available. Our bunkbeds are sturdy and can be customised to cater to your taste. You can go with a laminated white or a coloured finish and pick contrasting shades for your drapes, rugs and wall accents.

November 25, 2017 by Thachcher


Modern Interior Design Trends in 2017


Perk up your home in versatile colour schemes with dramatic contrasts.

The 2017 colours for interiors do not limit you to the subtle neutral shades. You can explore a wide variety of colours and styles that can be appealing to the eye. The lighter and the darker hues in blue, coral, yellow and browns are sure to look the best on walls and the contrasting accents can add to the existing charm. For a soft, rosy makeover, you can try rose quartz which can look effortlessly sophisticated and classy. The fun and funky pinkish-orange is also bang on trend, for 2017.


A new take on interiors for the design enthusiasts.

Patterns in interiors are trending in 2017. You can spruce up your space with a perfect blend of patterns and solid colours.  When tastefully paired, it can create depth and character to your elegant interiors. The patterns should coordinate and compliment the overall look. You can intersperse tactile elements in your décor like embroidery and crochet for a unique look.

Thachcher_FBOrganic_Nov3Transform your home into an eco-friendly paradise with green hues that spell tranquility.

The go green concept of interior décor is timeless and appeals to all design lovers. Modern space is sure to brighten up with indoor potted plants and vertical gardens which infuse harmony and life into your ambience. While greenery relaxes, boosts mood and increases the quality of air, it also enhances the beauty of your space.


Beautify your interiors with refreshing style and sophistication.

Raw materials and natural textures like antique bricks or salvaged wood, stone or a rustic look can give an exciting twist to modern interiors. These timeless and elegant textures can be used as a contrasting element in interior décor. Natural and cultured stones and timber logs can transform a simple wall into a truly spectacular interior design.


3D technology is transforming the world of interiors designing.

Interior decorating and space planning can be easily designed with the latest 3D technology. You can customise furniture, décor accessories, floor layouts and light fixtures using the interactive interior design. You can add visual interest to your interiors by bringing your ideas to life. With the help of technology, you can create designs which are one in a million.

November 8, 2017 by Thachcher


Interior Trends Based on Functionality for 2017  


Your interior colours influence your thoughts and emotions

While the bright and bold colours were popular in the past year, sophisticated bold colours and earthy tones are likely to trend upward in 2017. You can incorporate earthy and jewel tones for a look that is eye catchy and inspiring. Bold colours blend well with the timeless metallic hues such as gold, silver and copper accents that can add a sparkle to your walls.


Make a personal statement with upholstered headboards.

Refurbished headboards are a unique architectural innovation. A simple bedroom can be transformed into a luxurious space. Creative headboards can surpass time and trends as they add a modern touch to your existing decor. Headboards can be painted, engraved, patterned or accessorised for a vintage look. Beautifully styled headboards with punchy colours and prints can also infuse a touch of elegance and style.


From hoarders to repurposers – recreate your home.

Repurpose your old furniture by giving it a whole new look. From windows and doors to furniture makeovers, you can repurpose anything you want. You can bring in together many elements and styles for a contemporary and a vintage look. Repurposing can add mind-blowing character to your living space. Furniture and fixtures that you plan to give away as junk can be remodelled to add to the charm of the home. Wood, in particular, can be refurbished to give a brand new life and look.


Save space with multifunctional rooms 

Multifunctional rooms in modern homes are common especially when you are lacking in living space. The traditional homes have separate rooms and doors. Today, rooms extend into one another, a trend that is taking over the world of interiors by giving it depth, adding space and versatility. A dining area can be incorporated into a compact kitchen, thereby, making it efficient and functional. The open plan kitchen design is popular, connecting the space with the rest of the living area.


Maximise natural light and minimise energy consumption.

Existing windows which deteriorate over a period of time can be replaced with newer ones, keeping in mind various factors that can increase the value of the property both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Loose and drab, weather-beaten windows can be replaced for a contemporary look and to maximise natural light entering the living space year around. This can lower your energy consumption. Also, lighter window frames and glossy paints reflect more light.

November 6, 2017 by Thachcher


Types Glass Elements Used in Interiors


Style your home with a touch of embossed pattern on glass.

Patterned glass can offer limitless possibilities and decor options for your living space. As an architectural design, glass brings in expression and inspiration. Patterns can be decorative, etched or frosted. Glass doors can be customised, depending on whether you want light to enter or not. Clear and coloured glass can add a tinge of sophistication.




Go for the satin finish and the luxe look that can be paired up with any colour scheme.

Satin glass is commonly used for decorative purposes. As the name suggests, the glass has a satin finish as it is chemically treated. The translucent satin glass is used in vases, lampshades, light bulbs and decorative art. The matte, opaque finish ensures the glass does not mark with stains, dirt or dust. The glass allows light to pass through, giving it an exquisite look and also obscures the light to provide privacy.


Reinforce your doors and windows with home security or safety glass.

Home security can be achieved by installing a security glass which can be laminated or toughened. It is a perfect safety solution as it is known for its strength and resistance. Multiple glass panes are bonded together which reduces the risk of the glass shattering into pieces in a break-in attempt. This specialized glass looks attractive with immense durability and is usually used in homes for table tops and doors, jewelry shops and commercial buildings where security is paramount.


Choose clear glass for sparkling clarity, style and sophistication.

With the ability to see through, the clear glass can add an elegant look to your space. The most common type of glass used for interiors is the clear glass. Its use can be for any type of interior or exterior but it is low on durability. With 80 to 90 percent light transmittance, the clear glass is perfect for chandeliers, lamps and decorative art. You may need to use fade resistant film or sun control film on the glass for light control.


Say no to noise pollution with the double glazing acoustic glass.

Acoustic is a laminated glass with outstanding noise reduction properties. The acoustic glass is gaining popularity due to the massive increase in road traffic. The double glazed arrangement prevents the noise from entering homes and offices without compromising on natural light. The glass is used to maintain utmost privacy and in places where noise levels should be minimum. The acoustic glass is commonly used in commercial buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, libraries and retail spaces.


Create a cozy ambience with energy efficient glass for your doors and windows.

The well-insulated energy efficient glass is an ideal solution for comfort, aesthetics and savings on your energy bills. You can enjoy an adequate amount of light, warmth and ventilation if you install the energy efficient glass. In the summers, this glass prevents the sharp heat from entering the house and in the winters the heat gets trapped inside.


October 25, 2017 by Thachcher


Latest Bathroom Design Trends 2017


Ultra-modern bathrooms boast of comfort with a touch of glamour.

Couples showers with separate His and Hers shower caddy in the bathrooms is a design that is trending in 2017. Spa bathrooms to de-stress and stimulate your senses as you soak in the bathtub is becoming a popular pick. You can design your bathroom or remodel the existing one to suit your taste and complement the look of the year.



Remodel and redesign your bathroom with walk-in showers.

Walk-in showers spell sophistication and give you maximum functionality. You can fix these showers anytime you wish to. Available in a variety of styles and designs, the transparent feature of walk-in showers adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom space.



Delight and inspire – A fusion of retro and modern.

What’s old, is new again with vintage bathroom designs and styles making a comeback. The appeal in a retro-styled bathroom is in its aesthetics and functionality. You can pick bright wall shades with floral or abstract drapes for the windows and use today’s conveniences for to accessorise. You can install brass bathroom fixtures for lights, taps, faucet and mirrors for an antiqued look. The claw foot bathtub is a stylish centerpiece for a retro bathroom. Go for the look and delight your senses.



Bring the outdoorsy feel into your home with the open to nature bathrooms.

The nature-inspired bathrooms give a bright and sunny look as the sunlight streams in, all through the day. Metal accessories like cooper pipes, light fixtures and stone accessories such as exposed bricks are trending this year. Terracotta painted walls, fixtures and figurines gives u a warm and inviting touch. For a nature-inspired theme in your bathroom, you can put up floral paintings with rockery that accentuate ferns, leaves and potted plants.



Go bold and daring for a look that makes a statement.

Pairing up dark shades of midnight blue or deep navy with lighter tones can bring drama to your bathroom. Vintage brass knobs and handles compliment the brilliant blue shades. You can add depth and visual interest with an interesting piece of artwork or a ceramic vase to break the monotony. While most bold colours go with the bathroom look, the darker shades stand out more as it gives the space a more intimate feel.

October 17, 2017 by Thachcher


Home Decorating and Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2017


Muted earthy tone makes a comeback


The muted or neutral colour palette (white, beige, brown, cream, grey) can create a cozy, warm feel and goes well with a variety of interiors, furniture piece or even an accessory. Camel and pinkish blue will be the trending wall colours in 2017.



Add oodles of style to your rooms with pretty, sparkly lights that is sure to dazzle your guests


Lights create an aura of elegance to any space. You can transform the mood and the ambience of your home with light fixtures. Cool and quirky lights in the dining area can overshadow the traditional chandeliers, enhancing your dining experience. Cove lighting, pendant and crystal lights, lights above the table and quirky table lamps are a few unique ways to deck up your interiors.


Green is bound to create a statement in 2017


You can perk up your home with green and green undertones which are in vogue now. Green hues for homeinteriors can infuse energy, giving you a calm, refreshing feel. You can bring the outdoors inside your home by using green accents or even potted plants. From curtains and cushions to couches and rugs, hints of green can look stylish and inspiring. For those who don’t like the green popping out, we recommend you try the shade in small doses.


Tropical prints taking over the world of fashion


‌Go trendy with tropical prints; palm leaf prints, ferns, trees and flowers are a few interesting ways to introduce a botanical feel to your homeinteriors. Your drapes and rugs, cushions, upholsteries and wallpapers can look vibrant with such exotic prints. You can bring nature indoors by using the classy, tropical interior trends. For a subtle look, you can use plain couches and throw in tropical patterned cushions or curtains.


Get a fresh perspective to #moderninteriors with geometric designs


Geometric design is back in vogue with a unique modern twist. If you want to opt for an inspiring look in your office room or living room, you can consider shapes as the theme for your decor. You can either go in for a monochromatic geometric look or a look with bright geometric hues. These bold patterns can be used on rugs, drapes, cushions or wall art to spruce up any room.


Appreciate history and bring in vintage and antiques into your home


The all-time charming antique wooden furniture is ruling the markets with its decor focus on brass accessories and engraved rosewood with trends which are better than before. You can create a balance with a mix of antique and modern. As Sarah Jane Stone, editor of French Style Magazine puts it, it’s amazing that “the décor of a single nation has managed to not only captivate but enchant the world at large.” There is an umpteen number of retailers who travel to France and handpick the finest vintage collection for an unmatched blend of style and character. You can also get the ideal look from chairish.com.


The timeless grey hues create an impression of elegance and class


Grey walls and ceilings make elegant backdrops for bold accents. The grey colour scheme is becoming increasingly popular and versatile with a look that can make a statement. The grey colour palette goes with all shades, the lighter and the darker hues too. Be it the sunny hues of yellow or the dramatic red, grey walls with patterned textures and grey with black furniture is the best of the lot.


Get the classy look of the bygone era with bronze interiors


Bronze mirrors, statues, lamps, vases and decorative accessories can bring an air of sophistication and elegance to your rooms. The copper alloy has taken the world of #interiors to a brand new level. Matthew Carlisle, Creative Director of Candy & Candy, has been championing the use of bronze in recent years, featuring it in everything from joinery and furniture to lighting and art objects: “Metal is a general feature of many of our designs, but the appeal of bronze is that it is warm and tactile, rather than harsh and cold. It is also wonderfully versatile so you can marry it with lots of other materials. Designers agree on the versatility of bronze interiors, depth and quality.

October 10, 2017 by Thachcher


Easy tips to flood your home with natural light.


What more can you ask for than a home filled with warm, sunny daylight?

Natural light has always been the primary focus in all architectural designs. A well-lit home improves well-being and promotes positivity. Natural light streaming into your home can be a mood booster, can minimise your energy expenditure and can give you tones of vitamin D. Here are a few easy tips to flood your home with natural light.


A warm ball of light through your windows 

Well-lit rooms with ample amount of light penetrating through the windows will help you jump start your day. While placing your bulky furniture pieces, ensure you don’t block the natural light entering the room by keeping it near the windows. Sheer curtains can add to the beauty of the room by gently allowing the light to pass through, thereby, creating a diffused effect. The lightweight curtain fabrics create privacy and also filter excessive light.


Get the light streaming in with skylights

An open to sky design is an architectural innovation. It allows a dramatic view of the top in comparison to the plain white ceiling bringing in the adequate light which is relaxing and illuminates the living space. We can provide you with a variety of skylight sizes and shapes, both for the commercial and residential building.


Choose your curtains right for a bright airy feel.

Light colored curtains can never go out of style as they compliment all contemporary designs. You must opt for curtains that can be color coordinated with the walls with darker shades of curtains to go with it. The dimensions of the windows should also be considered. Decorative and functional custom-made blinds can also be a good choice to block light and add aesthetics to the room.


Walls can set the mood and brighten up the room

Neutral wall color works well for a sunny feel in the rooms. Whites, grays or beige tones reflect light and are ideal for the walls and ceilings. Matte finish paints reflect light well.  It is advisable to keep the ceiling lighter than the walls to make the rooms look bigger.


Mirrors that sparkle and shine

A well-placed mirror can maximize style and elegance. Mirrors reflect light and add dimensions to space. A large mirror placed opposite a window can give a beautiful illusion of multiple windows in the room. We specialize in designing and installing customized sliding based wardrobes with a large selection of lacquered finish and colors. The mirrored or glassed doors give the wardrobes a beautiful and classy touch.


September 19, 2017 by Thachcher


Accent Colours for Your Black and White rooms


Experience a touch of elegance 

The chic and classic black and white interiors spell elegance and sophistication that can never go out of style. The monochromatic color palette is a striking combination for interior decor which has the staying power of timeless and ageless beauty. You can step it up a notch with a piece of furniture or your favorite work of art. If incorporated tastefully, you can throw in an accent color or two. Not only do we set the mood of your room, we also effortlessly bring out the arty and imaginative you and your love for color.

Go bold, add depth to your space

Black and white rooms can look dramatic when paired with a bold accent color. We can help you pick the right shade that draws your eye, yet compliments the look and isn’t too overpowering. Here we show you what options you can work with and how to pick great color schemes for black and white rooms.

Black and white rooms can look dramatic when paired with a bold accent color. We can help you pick the right shade that draws your eye, yet compliments the look and isn’t too overpowering. Here we show you what options you can work with and how to pick great color schemes for black and white rooms.

Accent color #1: Brown for warmth

Enhance the beauty of your home with a tinge of brown. 


Be it contemporary or traditional, wooden furniture is a popular pick in most Indian homes. The natural interiors of wood grains and textures look stylish when placed against the black and white walls. The caramel and honey shades of brown can look spectacular and warm in a monochromatic room. Blending creative ideas with the versatility of wood furniture infuses a modern interior design. This is an exceptionally adorable interior style which is trending in Scandinavian themed homes.

Opt for brown furnishings such as upholstery, drapes, wallpapers with motifs and intricate decor in brown like small baskets, photo frames, floor rugs etc. Sleek or a large piece of furniture can add to the fresh feel of the space. You can use earthly colors, creams, and beige to break the monotony.

Accent color #2: Cheery yellow 

Make a bold statement with the beaming cheery yellow.


Yellow is a versatile and dramatic color for rooms. Be it the sunny yellow, lemon chiffon or the mustard, or the toned down yellow hues, the color by itself pops out and communicates happiness. Minimal yellow accents in a black and white room can lift the mood and brighten your home. For a burst of sunshine get a yellow piece of furniture with gold tones. You can tone it down with a subtle matte yellow or gloss it up with a bright one.

Accent color #3: Go green 

Go green for a hint of spring freshness


Give life to your thoughts by adding a touch of green to your black and white rooms. Green accents can soothe your mood and brightens up space. From serene and cool to bright and bold there are varying shades of green that you can choose from.You can invite floral and foliage into the rooms where sunlight streams in. Green the rooms with ferns for a natural earth vibe to give an outdoorsy feel. If you are looking for tranquility and calmness, you can incorporate plants in your room.

Accent color #4 Striking Red 

Get vibrant and bold with the striking red 


As an accent color, red catches the eye and can undeniably blend into a black and white room to give it a dramatic, edgy and a sophisticated feel.Red when paired up with black and white in a kitchen is associated with fresh, delicious food. You can go bold with a lot of red to call attention to walls, cabinets, wall paper, cookware, crockery, and appliances or a splash of it for a subtle look to wake up your gastronomic senses.The bold crimson red or the seductive scarlet for your black and white rooms can look incredibly appealing.

September 8, 2017 by Thachcher

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