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The flow of design in your home


The flow of design in your home

While design in general may have set guidelines and principles, an individual’s taste and style are broad and unique. Taste and style are determined by a person’s exposure and experience to various things in life, including travel, lifestyle, attitude, etc.

Then it becomes evident that every individual has a unique approach of expressing themselves in the way they dress, carry themselves and even decorate their homes.

Each of these things is determined by the individual’s identity and outlook. And the environment we create for ourselves plays a vital role in determining how content we are.


The Effect of Flow

This is where the flow of design comes into effect. A haphazard display of items, colors or textures in a home with no proper fluidity or transition from one room to another can make for an unpleasant and jarring sight. The décor of your home is highly influenced by the functional requirement and the individual style that you choose.

Some people prefer wide, open spaces with a lot of natural light while others may prefer cozy and warm spaces with ambient lighting. Whatever your preference is, there must be cohesiveness to the various elements of design and décor within your home. It is not sufficient to just decorate each room with a different theme.

Each room within your home cannot be treated as individual islands while designing the interiors; rather they must be viewed as a collection of spaces that are intertwined with the core of what your home means to you.


Design Principles

If you have a certain theme going on for your home, it should be noted that too much of a certain theme can make your home look gaudy and lackluster. It is wise to have a break between rooms in the propensity to stick to a certain theme. Alternating patterns or using different flooring for different rooms can give a much needed fluidity of movement from one room to another. Creating zones within rooms also improves the overall ambience and can elevate the feel of the setting. Whatever your style maybe, it is important to keep in mind certain design principles while doing the interiors of your home. If you are not familiar with these principles, it is best to make use of an interior designer who can help guide you and transform your vision into a reality.


Creative Guidelines

A lot of us may be tempted to go all out with our creativity but it is prudent to keep in mind that there are some creative guidelines that we must follow to create a cohesive atmosphere within our homes. A fine example of this can be the coordination between the furniture, the flooring and the walls.

June 19, 2018 by Thachcher


5 Ways To Liven Up Your Living Space


5 Ways To Liven Up Your Living Space

Are you bored of seeing the same old things in your home? Do you need ideas for rejuvenating the life of a room in your home? Well here are some fun, creative and inexpensive ways to improve the décor in your living environment. We show you our very own creations, using these elements

1. Mirrors

Ask any interior designer and he/she will tell you that the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces improves the way light disperses into a space. With the abundance of light that a room derives from the use of mirrors, polished metallic surfaces and other such materials, the ambience is brightened up and presents a more wholesome feel. Here, you can literally see the room space double with the grand big mirror rested against the wall.

2. Rugs


Be it wool, hair on hide, natural fiber, Persian or any other type, a rug or carpet can really vitalize any given space. A colorful piece of fabric on the floor to throw into contrast sober furniture or untextured walls can improve the visual appeal of a room, especially a living or dining room. Rugs and carpets can also be used to designate areas within a room to mark a boundary to a space which serves any required function. And what is even better is that rugs and carpets can even be draped over walls! This method of using them can serve as a work of art that can drastically improve the interiors of your home.

In this room, we used a big, heavy rug like carpet to add a hint of contrast in the form of a lighter shade to these dark brown cupboards.

3. Artwork

Art is an expression. Whether it is done by a seasoned artist or a DIY project, art can be used to bring to life a wall or sometimes even an entire room depending on the size of the piece. Effective use of art can really do wonders to improve the aesthetic appeal of the space it is used in. Art can even be done directly on a wall which brings us to our next tip. This light and bright design concept of ours used the help of framed pop art posters as well as a more dignified artwork to balance the interiors and make them pack a punch!

4. Utilizing colors effectively on your walls


Changing the color of a wall to match new furniture or to accentuate existing furniture can make a huge difference and energize an otherwise bleak setting. Bright colors and the use of more than one color on a wall will definitely improve the charm of a room. As you can see in our interior work here, we used contrasting colours in a muted set-up to keep the elegance and still be impactful.

5. Placing Plants

Plants can really help liven up a room by bringing a bit of nature into your home. Creative placement of plants can be used to raise the attractiveness of a room that they are placed in. If the use of indoor plants is too much of a hassle for you, you can even use faux plants that are very easy to maintain and clean. In this project we used small, miniature plants in pretty white and neutral colour pots to add some life to the cool blue interiors.

And there you have it, 5 easy ways to liven up your living space.

June 1, 2018 by Thachcher


The Kitchen Work Triangle – What, where & how


The Kitchen Work Triangle – What, Where & How?

In the backdrop of the ever-expanding demand for modern housing and the corresponding lack of space, it has become exceedingly important and relevant for architects and interior designers to make efficient use of the available space. The kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in our homes,, second sometimes only to our bedrooms, the need for efficient and optimal layout and design has become a key consideration in present times. And the most important aspect to keep in mind when doing this is intelligently planning out the KITCHEN WORK TRIANGLE.


What is it you ask?

As we all know, the most often used interior components of a kitchen are the sink, cooktop or stove and the refrigerator. The theoretical lines between the spaces occupied by these components form the kitchen work triangle.



Most modern residential kitchens are single user kitchens and therefore are planned accordingly. There are a number of layouts for a kitchen and the most commonly used layouts are as follows:-

One Wall/Pullman Kitchen – as the name suggests, all appliances in this type of kitchen layout are placed along the same wall and as such, it becomes impossible to form a kitchen work triangle.

Galley Kitchen – This kitchen type is the most efficient in terms of utilization of space. This layout is characterized by two countertops on either side of a walkway. Here, you will find that two components of the kitchen work triangle or along one wall and comprise part of the same countertop and the third is on the other. Most open kitchens use this layout as it provides for a very lean flow of movement.

L-shaped Kitchen – This layout also makes use of two countertops although, they are connected to each other in such a way that they form an L-shape or a right angle. Here, the corner spaces are also made use of and can sometimes become a little more complicated and expensive in trying to make the best use of space.

U-shaped/Horseshoe Kitchen – This type of kitchen layout is basically a galley kitchen which also has third countertop that connects the two other countertops on either side of the walkway. Here one countertop is always against a wall and the other two countertops can be enclosed by walls or be left open to more than one side and can thus accommodate more than one cook. This kitchen layout can accommodate the most number of different combinations for a kitchen work triangle and are generally used in larger spaces.

Kitchen Islands & Peninsulas – The use of kitchen islands & peninsulas in conjunction with any of the above layouts can also help in maximizing the efficiency of space and movement within the kitchen. They are generally used in larger kitchens and provide for more counter space and easier definition of multiple kitchen zones if planned and used effectively.


How to best plan a kitchen work triangle?

There are many things to take into consideration when planning out your kitchen layout. And to best utilize the space available for any given requirement, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Some of them are listed below as follows:-

Measurements – As we have read above, the kitchen work triangle is made up of the imaginary lines drawn between the stove, refrigerator and sink. Keeping these three appliances as vertices of that triangle, there is an optimum range of measurements that determine the length of each side or in more accurate terms, the distance between each of these appliances. The distance between these three appliances should be within 4 to 9 feet and the total length of the path covered by these three appliances should be between 13 and 26 feet.

Space – Most kitchens in apartments range from 50sqft. to over 200 sqft., depending on the type of project and the appropriate square footage that has been designated for the kitchen area. Taking into account the measurement parameters given above the kitchen work triangle must be structured in such a way that the flow of movement should be unhindered.

Walls – The number of walls available within the space allocated for a kitchen plays a vital role in determining the layout of the kitchen and thereby, the kitchen work triangle.

Numbers of cooks – Most home kitchens are used by just one cook and thus have given rise for some interior designers that have optimized a handful of different layouts which make the best use of space.

April 27, 2018 by Thachcher


10 Ways To Cleanse The Air In Your Home


Who doesn’t like a clean, dust-free home?

Dust floating around in our vicinity can be a potential health hazard with allergies and asthmatic symptoms that can
make breathing difficult and can cause several respiratory diseases. While outdoor pollution is a grave concern,
research has proved that indoor air quality is also important for good health.

Listed below are 9 smart ways to get rid of dust, giving you a moment to breathe.


Keep your floor spotless
Cleaning your floor on a regular basis can keep dust levels low. For effective cleanup, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters can be used. Dust mites on the floor can be instantly tackled by mopping it clean daily. One should ensure the crevices between the floor tiles is also maintained well.

Regular mopping
Tiny dust particles, mold, dust mites and dander can be kept under control by regularly mopping the floor.  Microfiber cloth removes dust effectively and can be used dry or wet on dusty surfaces.


No to at home smoking
Smoking indoors is never a good idea, especially with others around, this can contribute to passive smoking. A house
contaminated with smoke can be a health hazard. Smoking on the balcony or terrace is a better option.


Homemade air fresheners
Indoor air quality can be improved naturally by using homemade air fresheners and simmer pots. Infusing your home with essential oils can be more natural in comparison to the fragrances available in the market. While the ready to use sprays give your home a clean and fresh feel, they have harmful chemicals which can be detrimental to health.


Houseplants – a breath of fresh air
Indoor plants can be both decorative and can significantly improve the quality of the air you breathe. Peace lily, English ivy, rubber and bamboo plants are known to remove toxic agents and harmful gases present in your home. Houseplants are easy to grow and have air cleaning abilities.


Maintain your appliance
Electric appliances generate harmful gas, if not serviced regularly. Planned maintenance for safe and efficient usage is important. While periodic maintenance ensures your appliance does not emit gas detrimental to health, it also extends its life.


Deep cleaning
A dust free home is impossible to achieve. Regular cleaning can definitely keep the dust levels down. However, a deep cleansing process is essential to ensure you are free from dust allergens. Bedding, furnishing and tall furniture pieces often get overlooked. These can be cleaned up effectively with a damp microfiber cloth.


Choose paints carefully

Paints used for walls are associated with respiratory illnesses due to the volatile organic compounds in them. .The VOC paints contain toxic chemicals which can be a health hazard. Thus, it is important to pick good quality paints for your interiors.


Keep windows open
The dust level in the house minimises when you keep the windows open in the day. Asthma, allergies and respiratory
problems arise with increasing indoor dust in both children and adults. Eliminating dust can prevent dust allergy
reactions. Sunlight and ventilation go hand in hand in keeping dust levels low. Healthy air means a healthy, happy

Air purifier
Using an air purifier with HEPA filters ensures removal of dust particles even before they can get the chance to settle
down and accumulate. Research has proved that the filters are effective in reducing indoor dust which can trigger long-term allergies. So invest in one and keep your home dust-free.

March 6, 2018 by Thachcher


6 Stunning Ways To Display Art In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can be a perfect place to express your creativity. A meal seasoned with love and a kitchen seasoned with art, adds oodles of warmth to your home. You can turn your house into a home by incorporating art into our living space. You can create pleasing displays with appropriate frames and make a statement within your home.


Eye catchy sideboard with art

A sideboard is usually a stylish component in a kitchen to store extra crockery, dinnerware and linen. The space above the sideboard or chest of drawers is a great place to hang your favorite piece of art. You can perk up your kitchen with a bold and colorful figurative piece or an array of smaller collage-like pieces which is sure to draw the eyes upwards.


Spice up the kitchen entrance with art

A clever way to set the mood where meals are prepared is to create a space for displaying art with a food theme or with family photo frames on the wall at the entrance of your kitchen. We feel the overall look and feel in your kitchen space can be transformed with a few inspirational art pieces where memories can be created.


Arty feel with every meal at the breakfast bar

An island counter or a breakfast bar is an ideal setting for an informal gathering. Wall art above your breakfast bar can be visually appealing and a great start for a conversation. You can choose a collage of small art pieces or a stylish portrait. You can create a space filled with warmth and wonder at mealtimes. There are genuine and affordable art pieces we can help you pick.


A captivating piece of art above the sink

Why not create an airy, modern feel in your kitchen. The most often overlooked space is, above the sink area. You can spruce up the sink area with elegant artwork and potted plants to keep it fresh and fun. You can pick art pieces that go with the theme of the space. You only need to ensure splashes of water do not spoil the art.


Liven up the open shelves for an old-time charm.

Open shelves in a kitchen can give you ample room for decor. While crockery and glassware are ideal for open shelves, you can consider adding a splash of colour for a visual contrast with elegant art pieces. You can have quirky collection on display with your favorite antiques, recipe book collection or even exotic gourmet tins and embossed canisters.

Framed artwork using spoons and cups, displayed in the upper cabinets or on a ledge, can dress up your space. You can transform a simple kitchen into a statement room with ceramics, knickknacks and collectibles.

February 2, 2018 by Thachcher


6 Expert Opinions On The Must Have Kitchen Accessories

A secret to effortless cooking lies in the arrangement of essentials in your kitchen. Keep your pots and pans, spoons and tools and other kitchen supplies at arm’s reach for utmost convenience.

We have put down a few stylish ways of organizing your kitchen:


Pretty pegboard storage

Create a pegboard in your kitchen to organize your cookware, cutlery and kitchen accessories. A pegboard can be aluminum or steel and is space efficient, organizing tool. Kitchen pegboards are practical for small spaces. Owing to its versatility, pegboards are clever concepts to hang cookware of all sizes and shapes.


Hang it up

Spoons, spatulas and everyday tools used in the kitchen can be hung on a stainless steel ledge above the cooking range. When you are stirring the pot, you can pick the required one with ease from the wide array, if kept within reach. Not only is this a space-saving option but also pretty easy to put in place.


Cutlery tray

You can add a bit of order to your kitchen by organizing your cutlery in a tray. Arranging the spoons, forks and knives in the respective slot can make it easier for you to locate it when you need. You don’t have to scramble to find the right one, each time. With the compartments in place, the contents are visible and easily accessible.



You can design your kitchen pull outs to maximize your storage space. From below the cabinet pullouts and shelves to under the sink pullouts and corner caddy’s, you can get instant pull out access to your cookware. You can hang your pots and pans inside, or organise your spices and canisters as well.


Wicker baskets

You can do a great deal with the unique and stylish wicker baskets. These woven bins come in various sizes and shapes and are ideal for storing vegetables. The pullout model with wicker baskets makes it convenient as onions and potatoes can be stored in, for a number of days. You can consider having a built-in cutting board as well, with knives for quick slicing and dicing or you could attach the chopping board on top of the drawer which when opened, slides out neatly.


Knife stand

You can display your kitchen knives on a wooden stand or a magnetic strip for safe storage. This not only gives you easy access to the knives while chopping but also frees the space in your cutlery tray. A knife stand ensures safety especially when children are around. You can design a wooden knife block or buy a pre-slotted one.

A functional modular kitchen should have all elements in the right place. Appropriate organising and storing can make prepping, cooking and cleaning easier.


January 29, 2018 by Thachcher


6 Kitchen Island Designs That Will Steal Your Heart

They say that the’ kitchen is the heart of a home’ and we often see that there is a magnetic attraction to space where food is prepared with so much warmth and love.

Our timeless kitchen island designs with interesting and elegant countertops you will surely love. Pick your dream kitchen island design with more counter space, storage and style.


Kitchen island design #1: Chocolate brown

Brown or mosaic tiled backsplash with white cabinets create a classy look. A single straight counter adds more space to your kitchen. With a statement island in the corner, your kitchen can be a welcoming and cheery space for preparing a meal or for a romantic dinner.


Kitchen island design #2 – Classic oak 

The Classic L shaped oak and white kitchen can never go wrong and is the most popular layout which spells versatility and flexibility in cooking and entertaining. The light shades create a dramatic impact of elegance with the eye catchy island counter in the center which can be used as a work station for food preparation and storage. With an island so aptly positioned in the center, some even prefer having a cooktop on it.


Kitchen Island design #3 – Monochromatic magic

The contemporary black and white island kitchen is a striking aesthetic décor with the overall look and feel which creates a sense of style and drama. The long, rectangular island is a clever arrangement for optimal storage, seating and functionality. It can create a dining table feel for a family-friendly meal and can also be used for extensive storage, washing and chopping.


Kitchen Island design # 4 –Warm undertones

Warm hues are perfect for transforming your kitchen into a cozy haven. The spacious square island here, houses the hob on it and is placed in the center of the room for uniform accessibility from all sides. This brings the spotlight on the island as the cooking area is in the center and the counters around it allow for more working room. Storage of frequently used utensils can be innovatively planned below the hob.


Kitchen Island design # 5 – Functionality at its best

A modular kitchen with a sleek cooking space can be custom made to create elegance and functionality. The multipurpose island placed in the center is ideal for food prep, cooking, and casual meals and around the table socialising. With accent light hanging in the center, the island can be your favourite spot to dine in.


Kitchen Island design #6 –Contemporary chic

A contemporary kitchen with the perfect colour palate can be a stylish interior design. The island positioned off to the side should host plenty of seating for an informal dining or a family gathering. As the island counter does not come in the way, this can give you a break between your kitchen chores while you step away from the main kitchen.

January 24, 2018 by Thachcher


7 Ways To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger


Do you feel your rooms are space challenged? Pick the timeless whites to make your room wider and brighter.

The versatility of white in terms of shades and textures can make any space look bigger. All white walls can also make interesting and striking interiors. White adds depth and gives an airy feel to the room. Ceilings painted in white feel high with more dimension and doesn’t feel like the room is closing in on you.


Mirror mirror on the wall creates an illusion for us all

You can express your creativity with decorative or embellished mirrors in a room which are powerful interior accents. Mirrors reflect hues and can create an illusion of a larger space and enhanced ceilings.  Also, as mirrors have reflective properties which can be an additional source of light which adds to the bright and sparkling effect.


Art for your walls

‌A framed art pleasing to the eye can maximise the space of a room. The illusion of a larger room can be created with an interesting pop of colour on the wall. Multiple photographs of various sizes can also be hanged keeping in mind the visual balance.


Declutter and downsize to create space

Minimise clutter and arrange things in order if you want your small space to look large. Furniture arrangement also makes rooms look big and airy.  Organised storage also helps in maximising the space in rooms and giving it a spacious look.


Open style, leggy furniture

‌If you have limited space in your rooms, you can use leggy, open furniture. The visual space that the leggy look takes up is much lesser as light can easily pass through making the rooms look airy and open.


Hang them high

‌You can add depth and dimension to a small room by not using curtains. This also ensures you get ample natural light from outside with a view that can be appealing to the eye. Curtain rods that are fixed higher that the windows can create a high ceiling look. By lifting the rod, you will have to lift your eyes to get a perfect view of the curtains, thereby making your ceilings look higher and your space bigger.


Draw the eye upwards with vertical stripes

‌Vertical wallpapers like stripes, elongated mirrors, wall panels and wall art in a room can make your walls look longer and can eventually add more depth into your space. Floor to ceiling textural walls can also give you the illusion of a large space.

December 11, 2017 by Thachcher


6 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Interior Ideas


Revamp your bed headboards to an arty deco style.

Upholstered wooden headboards with modern cut out motifs or carved headboards in a variety of shapes and colours can be an incredible focus piece in your bedroom. While padded headboards with a tufted buttoned look brings in a cozy elegance, the delicately designed wooden textured finish blends elements of luxury and style. You can shop the look and transform your bed into a beautiful piece of furniture which reflects your personality and style.


Add splashes of patterned designs around your bed to get the feel of spring.

Floral patterned wallpapers can be an eye catchy element in your bedroom. Soft and delicate florals in red, pink and peach can transform bare walls into a modern floral styled wall design. When paired up with floral drapes and bedspreads, you can change the ambience of the bedroom to a refreshing fantasy garden. Truly, bright-hued floral walls can throw in a glam effect.


Dress your walls with display board trends.

You can pick your favourite fabric to design a jewellery display board that can be hung in your bedroom space. Whether you place it close to a dresser or choose a cozy corner to display your ornaments, a jewellery board is a unique way to style up your room and bring in an artsy feel. It is both easy to create and an inexpensive wall decor. You can use glitzy hooks to hang your bracelets and neck pieces on patterned wallpaper and add a zing to your bedroom


Find your storage solution with designer peg rails.

A peg rail serves as a versatile organising tool to hang your utilities as well as contributes to the aesthetics of your space. You can display your favourite pieces of decor on a peg rail that can be fixed on the wall behind the bed at eye level height. You can hang mirrors, chalkboards, photos, laundry bags, towels and the like. You can customise your pegboards and hang potted plants too for a green look.


Create your own style with a pop of colour and glam up your space.

You can use beautifully designed gift wrapping papers and transform it into an elegant wall art or picture frame. Floral or holiday gift wraps can be elegant art pieces for a bedroom. These budget-friendly accents are great DIY projects that can spruce up your space. So if you chance upon striking gift wrappings, make sure you collect it for a stunning piece of wall art.


Decorate like never before.

Artistic vinyl decals in the form of word art can be used to brighten up the walls. You can even hand paint or use magnetic letters to form your very own creative word art.  For a subtle style statement, consider paintings with wordings on it. You can get creative with your kind of word art that reflects word power, such as, an embroidered look with wordings on it. Over the bed, humorous quotes or poems can truly be inspiring and welcoming.

December 5, 2017 by Thachcher




Take a look at our interiors for a special project in an Apartment in Chennai, where the clients had a specific plan in mind and Thachcher conceived and executed the designs.


Fun ways to save space

Our trendy bunk bed collection boasts of superior craftsmanship, innovative designs and optimal storage options. Transform your space in exciting tones with a punch of character. Bright wall art and imaginative artwork can be ways to create a look that children will certainly love. You dream it, we design it.


Kids room – Share, play, imagine, laugh —- Playtime is fun time


Feature wall – For a beautiful textured look

A feature wall in a kid’s bedroom is usually the highlight. Wallpaper patterns and inspiring schemes with a modern twist can breathe life into an otherwise dull room.  We are designing new and interesting finds to make your kids room an incredible space.  Thematic décor such as animated characters, Disney, jungle and fairy tale themes are a few favourites from the world of tiny tots. Imagination and creativity paired with ergonomics make it a perfect space for fun times.


Colour schemes and fun themes

Shades of blue and green, yellow and greys, orange and black as well as pink and purples compliment a kid’s room. Ecofriendly, bright rooms which are safe hang outs for kids is the look of the year. Choose a Kids world theme for their room that goes with their personality .


Storage struggles sorted

Bunkbeds with built in storage in the form of shelves and cupboards come in a variety of styles. A study unit can be an additional feature to the bed. Metal framed and wooden bunkbeds are the most commonly used in kids rooms. Talk about the material used and the colours available. Our bunkbeds are sturdy and can be customised to cater to your taste. You can go with a laminated white or a coloured finish and pick contrasting shades for your drapes, rugs and wall accents.

November 25, 2017 by Thachcher

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