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Home design trends 2017

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Here are the top home design trends you need to know.

Give your kitchen a shiny, golden tone.
The satin brass finishes in your kitchen will give an elegant look in your cooking place, with its mix of gray, stainless and brass accents, like a very large piece of jewelry in your kitchen. You will have a beautiful cook place with a nice ambiance. The faucet will give you a feminine element with the curve of the hood and the brass accented star-like knobs.

Transform your life with voice activated assistants.
These technological marvels connect seamlessly with smart devices like Chrome cast, Nest and Philips Hue, Wemo, Honeywell, Nest, Samsung Smart Homes. You can use your voice to set the perfect temperature or turn down the lights or power up the hot tub and restyle your life with technology.

Go artistic with your vanity cabinets.
Indeed, thinking outside the square can turn up. Make use of your old antique bureau, old file cabinets, old crockery unit, and hutch, a second life by just adding a sink, faucets, and plumbing. These vanities are stylish and artistic and will give your bathroom a sophisticated look and elegance to your bathroom.

Stop planning and start storing
However, when smartly planned, storage can do a lot more than storing your dishes, cookware, and food. Free up your room with a multi purpose storage wall and start freeing up your counters and work spaces.

Have some fun with the classic color
White and Off-white goes well with each other and it is a beautiful color combo that suits the bedroom. It adds richness and gives a soothing effect when we enter the room. After all, we all long for a warm tone when we enter our room in the evening after a busy day. This color echoes positivity all around the room and goes well with old white and lime white. Using variations in white can add textures and layers and gives the room an ethereal feeling.

Add some nature to your life.
Green is a positive shade. It also symbolizes passion and vitality which is a perfect color for our homes. Fresh green plants are wonderful choices to go with. You can either choose a money plant or a croton to decorate your home. You can also choose a dark wooden floor and give a contrast look to your kitchen. Introduce colors through accessories with beautiful rich green fabrics and

Multipurpose laundry room.
Laundry rooms are about washing clothes, but they don’t have to be just for that. Special amenities can add a multi use dimension to the room. This type of laundry room nails all the desired elements- folding table, hanging rod, and plenty of storage. Warm gray walls, wooden countertops, and canvas laundry baskets will create a relaxed, welcoming vibe. A beautiful pull out ironing board is in a drawer beside the washer and dryer. And the drawers above the laundry baskets are actually drying racks which are a very useful element. This type of laundry room has a lot to like: plenty of storage and folding space, lots of natural light and soothing finishes.

First impressions are everything.

  • Nothing freshens up a room like a bunch of flowers — they’re aesthetically pleasing and will keep your entryway smelling wonderful. If you feel investing in fresh blooms every day is too much for you, go with silk flowers or ornamental plants that will have the same effect, but last forever.
  • Add a personal flair to your interiors. You can have a beautiful piece of art, or idols and figurines to give your entryway a porch look. You can even have a small gallery wall to showcase your memories. Also, place your antique collection and flaunt your collections. You can add on decorative wall mirrors which will give your home positive vibration.

Bathe in the glory of nature
Having a refreshing bath is all that we need and having a bath in outdoors is the best way to refresh yourself but it’s not so very easy to bath outdoors every day. So, to make yourself feel more comfortable and refreshing you can set up your bathroom with a glass door effect with complete privacy. This type of bathrooms can offer you a wide range of advantages and easy way to install it by adding on geometric mirrors, Zen spa, and unique tubs. There are plenty of different variations you can try including a freestanding bath area and shower area, and simple design accessories that suit your exterior.

The space-efficient units are roomier than ever
For smart home automation, counter depth fridges are the best choice to go with.
Refrigerators have gained popularity in these years, that is good for food storage but not for space efficiency. Counter depth refrigerators are the best choice for having a streamlined look. Take a look at the measurements and the design which goes well with your kitchen space.

These were just a couple of our top picks with a lot more where these came from! Make sure you choose the ones that suit your style and home space best. After all, it only works if your habitat suits your habits!



The flow of design in your home


The flow of design in your home

While design in general may have set guidelines and principles, an individual’s taste and style are broad and unique. Taste and style are determined by a person’s exposure and experience to various things in life, including travel, lifestyle, attitude, etc.

Then it becomes evident that every individual has a unique approach of expressing themselves in the way they dress, carry themselves and even decorate their homes.

Each of these things is determined by the individual’s identity and outlook. And the environment we create for ourselves plays a vital role in determining how content we are.

June19_blog_2 The Effect of Flow

This is where the flow of design comes into effect. A haphazard display of items, colors or textures in a home with no proper fluidity or transition from one room to another can make for an unpleasant and jarring sight. The décor of your home is highly influenced by the functional requirement and the individual style that you choose.

Some people prefer wide, open spaces with a lot of natural light while others may prefer cozy and warm spaces with ambient lighting. Whatever your preference is, there must be cohesiveness to the various elements of design and décor within your home. It is not sufficient to just decorate each room with a different theme.

Each room within your home cannot be treated as individual islands while designing the interiors; rather they must be viewed as a collection of spaces that are intertwined with the core of what your home means to you.

June19_blog_3 Design Principles

If you have a certain theme going on for your home, it should be noted that too much of a certain theme can make your home look gaudy and lackluster. It is wise to have a break between rooms in the propensity to stick to a certain theme. Alternating patterns or using different flooring for different rooms can give a much needed fluidity of movement from one room to another. Creating zones within rooms also improves the overall ambience and can elevate the feel of the setting. Whatever your style maybe, it is important to keep in mind certain design principles while doing the interiors of your home. If you are not familiar with these principles, it is best to make use of an interior designer who can help guide you and transform your vision into a reality.

June19_blog_4 Creative Guidelines

A lot of us may be tempted to go all out with our creativity but it is prudent to keep in mind that there are some creative guidelines that we must follow to create a cohesive atmosphere within our homes. A fine example of this can be the coordination between the furniture, the flooring and the walls.


5 Ways To Liven Up Your Living Space


5 Ways To Liven Up Your Living Space

Are you bored of seeing the same old things in your home? Do you need ideas for rejuvenating the life of a room in your home? Well here are some fun, creative and inexpensive ways to improve the décor in your living environment. We show you our very own creations, using these elements

1. Mirrors

May30_Blog_Mirrors Ask any interior designer and he/she will tell you that the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces improves the way light disperses into a space. With the abundance of light that a room derives from the use of mirrors, polished metallic surfaces and other such materials, the ambience is brightened up and presents a more wholesome feel. Here, you can literally see the room space double with the grand big mirror rested against the wall.

2. Rugs


Be it wool, hair on hide, natural fiber, Persian or any other type, a rug or carpet can really vitalize any given space. A colorful piece of fabric on the floor to throw into contrast sober furniture or untextured walls can improve the visual appeal of a room, especially a living or dining room. Rugs and carpets can also be used to designate areas within a room to mark a boundary to a space which serves any required function. And what is even better is that rugs and carpets can even be draped over walls! This method of using them can serve as a work of art that can drastically improve the interiors of your home.

In this room, we used a big, heavy rug like carpet to add a hint of contrast in the form of a lighter shade to these dark brown cupboards.

3. Artwork

May30_Blog_Artwork Art is an expression. Whether it is done by a seasoned artist or a DIY project, art can be used to bring to life a wall or sometimes even an entire room depending on the size of the piece. Effective use of art can really do wonders to improve the aesthetic appeal of the space it is used in. Art can even be done directly on a wall which brings us to our next tip. This light and bright design concept of ours used the help of framed pop art posters as well as a more dignified artwork to balance the interiors and make them pack a punch!

4. Utilizing colors effectively on your walls


Changing the color of a wall to match new furniture or to accentuate existing furniture can make a huge difference and energize an otherwise bleak setting. Bright colors and the use of more than one color on a wall will definitely improve the charm of a room. As you can see in our interior work here, we used contrasting colours in a muted set-up to keep the elegance and still be impactful.

5. Placing Plants

May30_Blog_Plants Plants can really help liven up a room by bringing a bit of nature into your home. Creative placement of plants can be used to raise the attractiveness of a room that they are placed in. If the use of indoor plants is too much of a hassle for you, you can even use faux plants that are very easy to maintain and clean. In this project we used small, miniature plants in pretty white and neutral colour pots to add some life to the cool blue interiors.

And there you have it, 5 easy ways to liven up your living space.

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