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Home design trends 2017

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Here are the top home design trends you need to know.

Give your kitchen a shiny, golden tone.
The satin brass finishes in your kitchen will give an elegant look in your cooking place, with its mix of gray, stainless and brass accents, like a very large piece of jewelry in your kitchen. You will have a beautiful cook place with a nice ambiance. The faucet will give you a feminine element with the curve of the hood and the brass accented star-like knobs.

Transform your life with voice activated assistants.
These technological marvels connect seamlessly with smart devices like Chrome cast, Nest and Philips Hue, Wemo, Honeywell, Nest, Samsung Smart Homes. You can use your voice to set the perfect temperature or turn down the lights or power up the hot tub and restyle your life with technology.

Go artistic with your vanity cabinets.
Indeed, thinking outside the square can turn up. Make use of your old antique bureau, old file cabinets, old crockery unit, and hutch, a second life by just adding a sink, faucets, and plumbing. These vanities are stylish and artistic and will give your bathroom a sophisticated look and elegance to your bathroom.

Stop planning and start storing
However, when smartly planned, storage can do a lot more than storing your dishes, cookware, and food. Free up your room with a multi purpose storage wall and start freeing up your counters and work spaces.

Have some fun with the classic color
White and Off-white goes well with each other and it is a beautiful color combo that suits the bedroom. It adds richness and gives a soothing effect when we enter the room. After all, we all long for a warm tone when we enter our room in the evening after a busy day. This color echoes positivity all around the room and goes well with old white and lime white. Using variations in white can add textures and layers and gives the room an ethereal feeling.

Add some nature to your life.
Green is a positive shade. It also symbolizes passion and vitality which is a perfect color for our homes. Fresh green plants are wonderful choices to go with. You can either choose a money plant or a croton to decorate your home. You can also choose a dark wooden floor and give a contrast look to your kitchen. Introduce colors through accessories with beautiful rich green fabrics and

Multipurpose laundry room.
Laundry rooms are about washing clothes, but they don’t have to be just for that. Special amenities can add a multi use dimension to the room. This type of laundry room nails all the desired elements- folding table, hanging rod, and plenty of storage. Warm gray walls, wooden countertops, and canvas laundry baskets will create a relaxed, welcoming vibe. A beautiful pull out ironing board is in a drawer beside the washer and dryer. And the drawers above the laundry baskets are actually drying racks which are a very useful element. This type of laundry room has a lot to like: plenty of storage and folding space, lots of natural light and soothing finishes.

First impressions are everything.

  • Nothing freshens up a room like a bunch of flowers — they’re aesthetically pleasing and will keep your entryway smelling wonderful. If you feel investing in fresh blooms every day is too much for you, go with silk flowers or ornamental plants that will have the same effect, but last forever.
  • Add a personal flair to your interiors. You can have a beautiful piece of art, or idols and figurines to give your entryway a porch look. You can even have a small gallery wall to showcase your memories. Also, place your antique collection and flaunt your collections. You can add on decorative wall mirrors which will give your home positive vibration.

Bathe in the glory of nature
Having a refreshing bath is all that we need and having a bath in outdoors is the best way to refresh yourself but it’s not so very easy to bath outdoors every day. So, to make yourself feel more comfortable and refreshing you can set up your bathroom with a glass door effect with complete privacy. This type of bathrooms can offer you a wide range of advantages and easy way to install it by adding on geometric mirrors, Zen spa, and unique tubs. There are plenty of different variations you can try including a freestanding bath area and shower area, and simple design accessories that suit your exterior.

The space-efficient units are roomier than ever
For smart home automation, counter depth fridges are the best choice to go with.
Refrigerators have gained popularity in these years, that is good for food storage but not for space efficiency. Counter depth refrigerators are the best choice for having a streamlined look. Take a look at the measurements and the design which goes well with your kitchen space.

These were just a couple of our top picks with a lot more where these came from! Make sure you choose the ones that suit your style and home space best. After all, it only works if your habitat suits your habits!



6 Stunning Ways To Display Art In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can be a perfect place to express your creativity. A meal seasoned with love and a kitchen seasoned with art, adds oodles of warmth to your home. You can turn your house into a home by incorporating art into our living space. You can create pleasing displays with appropriate frames and make a statement within your home. Feb2_Blog1 Eye catchy sideboard with art A sideboard is usually a stylish component in a kitchen to store extra crockery, dinnerware and linen. The space above the sideboard or chest of drawers is a great place to hang your favorite piece of art. You can perk up your kitchen with a bold and colorful figurative piece or an array of smaller collage-like pieces which is sure to draw the eyes upwards. Feb2_Blog2 Spice up the kitchen entrance with art A clever way to set the mood where meals are prepared is to create a space for displaying art with a food theme or with family photo frames on the wall at the entrance of your kitchen. We feel the overall look and feel in your kitchen space can be transformed with a few inspirational art pieces where memories can be created. Feb2_Blog3 Arty feel with every meal at the breakfast bar An island counter or a breakfast bar is an ideal setting for an informal gathering. Wall art above your breakfast bar can be visually appealing and a great start for a conversation. You can choose a collage of small art pieces or a stylish portrait. You can create a space filled with warmth and wonder at mealtimes. There are genuine and affordable art pieces we can help you pick. Feb2_Blog4 A captivating piece of art above the sink Why not create an airy, modern feel in your kitchen. The most often overlooked space is, above the sink area. You can spruce up the sink area with elegant artwork and potted plants to keep it fresh and fun. You can pick art pieces that go with the theme of the space. You only need to ensure splashes of water do not spoil the art. Feb2_Blog5 Liven up the open shelves for an old-time charm. Open shelves in a kitchen can give you ample room for decor. While crockery and glassware are ideal for open shelves, you can consider adding a splash of colour for a visual contrast with elegant art pieces. You can have quirky collection on display with your favorite antiques, recipe book collection or even exotic gourmet tins and embossed canisters. Framed artwork using spoons and cups, displayed in the upper cabinets or on a ledge, can dress up your space. You can transform a simple kitchen into a statement room with ceramics, knickknacks and collectibles.

6 Expert Opinions On The Must Have Kitchen Accessories

A secret to effortless cooking lies in the arrangement of essentials in your kitchen. Keep your pots and pans, spoons and tools and other kitchen supplies at arm’s reach for utmost convenience. We have put down a few stylish ways of organizing your kitchen: Thachcher_FBOrganic_Jan29_1 Pretty pegboard storage Create a pegboard in your kitchen to organize your cookware, cutlery and kitchen accessories. A pegboard can be aluminum or steel and is space efficient, organizing tool. Kitchen pegboards are practical for small spaces. Owing to its versatility, pegboards are clever concepts to hang cookware of all sizes and shapes. Thachcher_FBOrganic_Jan29_2 Hang it up Spoons, spatulas and everyday tools used in the kitchen can be hung on a stainless steel ledge above the cooking range. When you are stirring the pot, you can pick the required one with ease from the wide array, if kept within reach. Not only is this a space-saving option but also pretty easy to put in place. Thachcher_FBOrganic_Jan29_3 Cutlery tray You can add a bit of order to your kitchen by organizing your cutlery in a tray. Arranging the spoons, forks and knives in the respective slot can make it easier for you to locate it when you need. You don't have to scramble to find the right one, each time. With the compartments in place, the contents are visible and easily accessible. Thachcher_FBOrganic_Jan29_4 Pullouts You can design your kitchen pull outs to maximize your storage space. From below the cabinet pullouts and shelves to under the sink pullouts and corner caddy’s, you can get instant pull out access to your cookware. You can hang your pots and pans inside, or organise your spices and canisters as well. Thachcher_FBOrganic_Jan29_5 Wicker baskets You can do a great deal with the unique and stylish wicker baskets. These woven bins come in various sizes and shapes and are ideal for storing vegetables. The pullout model with wicker baskets makes it convenient as onions and potatoes can be stored in, for a number of days. You can consider having a built-in cutting board as well, with knives for quick slicing and dicing or you could attach the chopping board on top of the drawer which when opened, slides out neatly. Thachcher_FBOrganic_Jan29_6 Knife stand You can display your kitchen knives on a wooden stand or a magnetic strip for safe storage. This not only gives you easy access to the knives while chopping but also frees the space in your cutlery tray. A knife stand ensures safety especially when children are around. You can design a wooden knife block or buy a pre-slotted one. A functional modular kitchen should have all elements in the right place. Appropriate organising and storing can make prepping, cooking and cleaning easier.  
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