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Things to Keep in Mind when Designing a Children’s Bedroom


Things to Keep in Mind when Designing a Children’s Bedroom

Whether you are a set of parents looking to welcome a new member into your family or a set of grandparents looking forward to welcoming your grandchildren home, the bedrooms used by children have certain requirements and there should be no compromise concerning the youngest members of your family.

While most of us opt to ease our decision making by allowing more functionality, by often converting a spare bedroom to accommodate the young ones, it can help greatly with the growth of the child if they dwell in the right kind of environment.


Key Factors To Kids Bedroom Design

Therefore, there are some key factors that need to be kept in mind when deciding on what goes into your child’s bedroom. Of course, this applies more to long term residences than short stints in one place because, as we all know, finances are better spent for other things when moving from one place of residence to another, whether to another city or another part of the same city.

Below are a few elements of a bedroom that are instrumental in the functionality and theme of your child’s bedroom.


The Bed

To begin with, the bed is by far the most important element of a bedroom, hence the name. While a race car bed or a Star Wars fighter bed can really excite a seven-year-old, it will lose its relevance as your child grows older. The same goes for bunk beds. These can come in handy when you have more than one child to accommodate in a single room, but for a more permanent and long-term scenario, it is better to have wooden beds that can serve as decent furniture for young adults as well. What can be done to bring in an element of fun to the beds, is by using bedsheets with cartoon or comic themes. This way, the young ones will enjoy their bed as well as have an appropriate bed later in life as well.


The Desk

Every child needs a desk in their room, whether to study, do homework or try their hand at some creative activity. While the size of the desk is a factor of the space available in the room, it is still important to have a large enough desk to accommodate a laptop or home computer and have additional desk space to write and place books on. Sometimes in the limited space available, it might be hard to place such a large desk within the room and in such situations, you can opt for wall mounted desks which can be hinged on to the wall and can be folded away when not in use.


The Play Area

While not all rooms have sufficient space to house a separate play area, it will come in handy when raising your child. This can just be some open space within the room or space can be created by stowing away a murphy bed. Either ways, this space can later be used for other purposes as the child grows.





Gone are the days when artists struggled to find patrons. Today, the world of design is dominated by art of various types. Interior designers, across cultures talk about fusing décor with modern paintings. If you have the thirst for collecting art, you may have started long time ago. Exhibiting art in the right sense is not something everyone is blessed with. Interior designers can help you showcase paintings that are worth thousand words.

August29_Blog_1 (1)

The 'art and soul of the room

Interior designers say, wall art matters the most in home decor. We plan the entire layout most of the times and leave out the art element. In reality, this should be the other way around. If choosing a colour scheme is daunting, you can pick the art you love the most and plan your colours based on it. Decorating the room with a few prominent shades from the splash of colours on the walls can add both life and texture to the space. Also, bare walls look complete if you design a look with art as the focal point. So whether you are styling on a budget or investing big time in art for your home, you must remember that art is visually appealing and overtakes everything in the room.


Indian Art -- the masterpiece in a room

If you think choosing the perfect art is difficult, you can look for something traditional and elegant. The Indian art market is steadily appreciating with every passing year. Intricate paintings, with ornate work and motifs successfully compliment a myriad of furnishings and Indian accents. Indian art is a perfect blend of art work and design concepts. Online stores can offer a plethora of options with prints and creative photographs which can be artistically framed. Colourful history of civilization, sculptures and deities are a few art pieces that can add a traditional touch to your office or home interiors. Tapestry art and vintage mirrors can be perfect masterpieces that reflect your taste and style.


Your art – The window to your personality

A room with relaxing art is best to soothe your senses and calm your nerves. The natural elements in landscape paintings showcase the beauty of colour and are inspiring. Mountains, valleys, rivers, beautiful flowers and the colours in the sunset that are inspired by nature can revive and refresh any room. You must ensure you stir clear from paintings that portray natural calamities and poverty stricken people. Likewise, a large life like portrait of a famous personality or an ancestor is not something you want to display in the room where you usually relax after a long day’s work. A bright and vibrant dose for paintings can never go wrong. What you pick for your room will certainly reflect your personality and style.


The Perfect Closet


Closet space is something we all wish we had more of. Whether you are a shopaholic or one of those ‘I buy only what I need’ types, you have to admit that having as much closet space as you would like would be like a dream come true. Imagine you have all the space for your clothes and your accessories! It would be a joy just to look into the closet and see the various sections within with neatly arranged items of clothing and other essentials.

But alas! Not all of us are blessed with ample space in our rooms to fit our spoils of retail therapy. So, here we are talking about what we can do with the space we have to accommodate our fashion choices.

August14_Blog1 For the Millennial

A simple wardrobe or a waist high chest of drawers will more than suffice to house the casual clothes and the bare essentials that a typical millennial would need and use. Especially considering the fact that most millennials live in small apartments with barely enough room and generally also have room mates.

August14_Blog2 For the Busy Bee

If you are someone who is all work and no play, then you barely have any time to indulge in diverse fashion choices and chances are that you have more formal clothing than anything else. And for that you will need a full-length cupboard that has enough room to hang your jackets and suits. With latest design trends you can even have double-racked hanging in the same closet with the pull-down system that allows you to reach the higher shelf easily.

August14_Blog3 For the Couples

Often, we find that couples who live together, whether you are married or not, fight over the amount of closet space available. In this situation it is best not to share the same piece of furniture to house your garments as it can become very difficult to demarcate a well-defined space for each member of the couple. Therefore, it falls upon the couple to invest in separate pieces of furniture so that there are no unnecessary arguments over who takes up more closet space.

August14_Blog4 For the Traveller

If you are someone who barely spends any time at home, things that concern the normal individual with the average live-at-home lifestyle would not bother you. Things like closet space or design of the closet space would barely matter. Since, most of your life you live out of a suitcase, it can be quiet handy to have multiple small pieces of furniture, like many chests of drawers, where you can pair up your clothing and set a certain number of pairs in each drawer in such a way that every time you travel, you know exactly what goes where and how many pairs to pack. It also makes doing the laundry a lot easier, as a bonus.

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